Our Coffee Shop


There’s a coffee shop on the corner in downtown Estes Park, a quaint café where the local community meets for the best tasting coffee in town. The famous Lumpy Ridge dominates the view from tall storefront windows while the Big Thompson River ripples by out back. Morning colors shine in from large picture windows along the eastern wall while the regulars show up like clockwork and mingle with travelers visiting for the first time. As the afternoon comes and goes, tables hold hot teas and tasty lattes while occupants sit and chat, work away on wireless laptops, get lost in books, catch up on journal entries, and flip through newspapers. In a time of e-mails, cell-phones, and self-reliance, coffee shops are where the community meets face-to-face. Kind Coffee is a meeting place where coffee connoisseurs and novices alike can experience fine quality certified organic, shade-grown coffees at the best price in town.
We welcome our guests to discover an original coffee shop full of light, color, conversation, and beautiful aromas from behind the bar. Come in and experience a unique blend of art, music, and the energy of Kind. We provide free wireless Internet access for laptops, or jump on our computers for a small fee. Come for breakfast, stay for lunch with a wide selection of handmade sandwiches, baked goods, and of course, our mugs of coffee. One-pound bags of our fresh-roasted coffees, whole bean or ground, are also available for the convenience of your home or office. Wander around our other retail items in Kind Gear.
Surrounded by the peaks and pine-covered slopes above town, Kind Coffee’s source of inspiration is apparent. We love the environment. Our deliberate selection of coffees from certified organic growers throughout the world enables Kind to support the sustainability of our beautiful planet.
Inside our shop, we further our efforts by incorporating environmentally friendly practices from floor to ceiling. 
After a long day of hiking boots and Crocs, our prized Hickory floors and the rest of the shop is cleaned with an assortment of “green” products, cleaning agents derived from nature to get the job done without the use of harmful substances. These products are healthier for our employees too!
Expanding on these practices, further than recycling all glass, plastic, and cardboard waste, we are delighted to use cups made from recycled paper for all hot drinks, and the cup will biodegrade in about seven days!