Our Roastery


Yes, we realize it may taste as if our delicious coffee is roasted by pure magic. In a way, the fine art of producing a cup of coffee is magical, but begins long before the beans arrive at the roastery.
As Kind is committed to purchasing only certified organic fairly traded coffee, all of our beans are sourced from growers that share our beliefs in the sustainability of the environment. We are happy to pay a higher price for our beans in order for farming communities to maintain social stability. This commitment to good business limits bean selection in the present, but we believe in the importance of providing only the healthiest, highest quality coffee to our customers. As more growers adapt to environment-friendly farming methods, Kind will expand our selection. We currently acquire beans from Costa Rica, Peru, Guatemala, Columbia, Sumatra, and Mexico.
Burlap sacks of raw beans, still in their green stage, arrive fresh and ready to roast. The mountain air flowing through the roaster is consistently replaced ensuring every bean has its chance to express the rich, intense flavors we love them for. Monitoring the beans with pinpoint precision, our roastmaster achieves the appropriate scent, color, and flavor for each desired roast.