Gift Packs

Cofveve Buzz
Sometimes you need the extreme caffeine fix.
Two 1 lb bags of our best sellers, plus a bag of chocolate covered espresso beans. Just don't eat them all at once! Choose coffee blends (holiday; mild; medium; or dark packs)
Item #... 917
Price: $ 42.95

We know all too well what it's like to be caffeinated and on the go.
Enjoy 1 lb of our fresh roasted coffee in a Kind Coffee Frost mug (your choice of color), while using the reusable Chico bag instead of juggling everything in your hands. SEE MUG COLORS HERE
Item #... 915
Price: $ 44.95

Happy Camper
Perfect for a happy camper with a coffee problem.
Enjoy two Kind Coffee camper mugs, three 3 oz packets of Kind Coffee, four Ghiradelli hot chocolate packets, and a GSI pour over filter with paper filters.
Item #... 914
Price: $ 54.95

Holiday Hiker
Hike more, worry less!
This box includes everything a hiker needs - locally made granola, a Nalgene, two Star Bars, and Nuun hydration tablets. Plus enjoy 1 lb of our Adventure Fuel to, well, fuel your adventures! (or choose another coffee to suit your tastebuds.) SEE NALGENE COLORS HERE
Item #... 912
Price: $ 48.95

Holiday Survival Pack
Don't let the stress of the holidays get you down.
Relax with a tea sampler of 8 Mighty Leaf tea packets, CBD caramels and chews, a Theo chocolate bar, and a 4 piece sampler of Colorado made biscotti. You'll also enjoy our signature Choose Kindness mug and a handmade "Relax" charm from Jendala. Treat yourself! SEE RELAX COLORS HERE
Item #... 916
Price: $ 74.95

Just Coffee
Our three staples!
Longs Peak, Bear Lake, and Estes Perk. Enough said.
Item #... 917
Price: $ 48.95

Make America KIND Again Gift Pack
We can't think of a better message!
Enjoy three 3 oz packets of Kind Coffee, a t-shirt (choose color/size), a travel thermos (black is default color, opt for stainless in drop-down box,) and sticker, all with our Make America Kind Again artwork. Shirts are unisex sizes, made from an eco-friendly material with a 100% no sweatshop guarantee. SEE THERMOS and SHIRT COLORS HERE
Item #... 910
Price: $ 59.95

Santa Paws
Santa Paws is comin' to town!
This is the perfect box for a pet lover and their pup. The human can enjoy one pound of Ruby's Red Nosed Roast, a bone charm from Jendala, coin pouch and pair of socks, while your furry friend enjoys two Colorado Barkery Big Bones and a handmade toy from Chews on Belay.
Item #... 913
Price: $ 64.95

Single Pot Portion Pack
Convenience and Kind Coffee- what could be better?
Enjoy our 3 best selling blends in single pot portion packs. Box includes 12 individual 3 oz packets, 4 of each of Long's Peak, Bear Lake, and Estes Perk.
Item #... 911
Price: $ 39.95