Life is Short 12 oz Traveler
insulated, 12 oz mug, life is short
Life is Short- Enjoy your COFFEE. Enjoy this 12 oz double wall insulated, powder coated travel cup with push on lid. Holds the perfect double shot latte or your favorite cup of joe! Available in matte grey.
Price: $ 21.95

Wake Up! 20 oz Travel Mug
insulated, 20 oz mug, wake up, it's time for kind coffee
Wake Up! It's Time for Kind Coffee. This 20 oz double wall insulated, powder coated travel mug with push on lid holds keeps hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold! Choose color.
Price: $ 22.95

BE KIND 8 oz Traveler
insulated, 8 oz mug, life is short
BE KIND. Start your day with this message and you can't go wrong. Enjoy this 8 oz double wall insulated, powder coated travel cup with push on lid. Make it a double and you'll be set for the day! Available in sky blue.
Price: $ 19.95

Choose Kindness 25 oz Enamel
choose kindness. choose kind coffee. 25 oz enamel mug with handle
Choose Kindness. Choose Kind Coffee. What a great way to start your day. This 25 oz enamel painted metal mug is perfect to stash in your pack or car for a lightweight option! No lid. No insulation. Just get it done.
Price: $ 14.95

Nalgene 32oz BPA free

Let's Wander Where the WiFi is Weak and the Coffee is Strong. Enjoy the wildlife doodles of Dawn Schreiner while you drink that Rocky Mountain water. We even have a water bottle filling station in the shop for you anytime.
Item #... 00007
Price: $ 14.95

BE KIND Hand Made Mug
Betsey Carter (potter)

Item #... 00008
Price: $ 30.00

KIND THERMOS MUG 16 oz Travel Mug
make America KIND again stainless steel 20oz
Throw it in your backpack, drop it in the car, or just be a klutz and knock it over. This locking lid, double walled, stainless steel travel mug will keep your coffee HOT and, perhaps more importantly, IN the mug! Let's make America KIND again!
Item #... 0011
Price: $ 20.00

Wake Up! 20 oz Thermos
It's time for Kind Coffee so wake up! Stainless steel water bottle. 20.9oz Makes a brilliant gift for yourself or a loved one.
'It's time for Kind Coffee so wake up!' Stainless steel, double walled, coffee mug with frosted words.
Item #... 0022
Price: $ 23.95