Signature Blends

Roast 422 Org/FT 1lb
dark italian roast
Our darkest roasted blend of fine coffees.
Item #... 905
Price: $14.95

Estes Perk Org/FT 1lb
dark roasted
Perfectly roasted dark blend with good, clean flavor.
Savor the mountain air with our house blend, Estes Perk!

Item #... 906
Price: $14.95

Bear Lake Breakfast Org/FT 1lb
medium and bright
A blend of medium roasted coffees with a strong, spicy flavor.
Low acidity with lasting aftertaste.
A great morning blend.

Item #... 907
Price: $14.95

Longs Peak Org/FT 1lb
mild but strong
A well balanced blend of coffees from the Americas.
Low acidity, smooth taste, and pleasant aroma.
Our house coffee and best seller!

Item #... 908
Price: $14.95

Alpenglow Espresso Org/FT 1lb
medium and rich
A dark blend of our favorite smooth coffees.
Makes an excellent latte, with deep flavor and strong aroma..
Great for espresso OR drip coffee.

Item #... 909
Price: $14.95

Blue Scoot Org/FT 1lb
dark and creamy
A dark, rich blend with strong, thick flavor.
Introduced in 2005 in honor or our delivery scooter!
A 1% for the Planet Signature Coffee.

Item #... 910
Price: $14.95

80517 Roast Org/FT 1lb
dark and rich
A bold, bright coffee with rich flavor and a nod to our local (and loyal!) customers.
A 1% for the Planet Signature Coffee.

Item #... 911
Price: $14.95

Isabella (Toddy Blend) Org/FT 1lb
smooth and creamy for your cold brew
Whether you drink your cold brewed hot or cold, this blend will make the perfect cup every time. Crafted specifically for the low-acidity of cold brew, this will open those eyes every morning, or prepare you for a late night!
Item #... 912
Price: $14.95

Throwback Blend Org/FT 1lb
a mild taste of the past
A delicious blend of Colombian coffees remade in a nod to our roots. Medium roasted.
Item #... 913
Price: $14.95

Adventure Fuel Org/FT 1lb
durable grounds for your minimum impact play
A medium blend of Central American and Indonesian beans. 5% of the sales of this coffee go directly to Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics.
Item #... 914
Price: $14.95

Flood Mud Org/FT 1lb
Brewing for a 1,000 Years
Dam good coffee for Estes Valley Flood Relief. For every bag purchased of FLOOD MUD, a medium roasted, certified organic and fair trade brew, we donated 25% to the Town of Estes Park Relief Fund. Now, by popular demand, we are keeping it on our shelves but will sell it for the regular retail price.
Item #... 915
Price: $14.95

Give Back Blend Org/FT 1lb
a dark roast rooted in support of nonprofits
In partnership with the Estes Park Nonprofit Resource Center, this dark roast will please the most discerning coffee drinker. Based in Sumatra, this blend carries a heavy body with richness and character from additional Central American coffees. $1 of every pound sold goes directly to the EPNRC, whose mission is to support ALL Nonprofits in the Estes Valley.
Item #... 916
Price: $14.95